Popularity through time

What is popularity?

Back in 1548, the term Popularity had been first used in ancient Rome and France. It is borrowed from the Latin term popularis, which originally meant “common.” If you were to open a dictionary today you’d see that the word popular is defined as “the fact or condition of being well-liked by the people”. The meaning of well-liked was first introduced in 1601.

Popularity is actually a social phenomenon. If a group of people like something or someone, the more they will advocate for it or claim that it is best liked, the more attention that something or someone will receive, and the more popular it will be perceived. This means that anything from human to non-human can be popular such as food, objects, people, events, venues.

There is one type of category that takes up most of the image of the definition for popularity. This category is called Celebrities.


I’m sure we all know what is and who belongs to this category. From actors, singers, reality TV stars to runway models and politicians. They are all celebrities. Let’s go through their history in short lines.


Back in the ’60 John Lennon, the front man of the most worldwide famous music group The Beatles, has said ‘We are now more popular than Jesus’.  Perhaps he was right. At the time they The Beatles were more popular than anything in the Bible ever stated about Jesus’ popularity. Many children grew up knowing who the Beatles and not knowing who the Gods are. Along with Elvis Presley before them and The Rolling Stones after them, they take the top 3 places for the most famous and influential celebrities in the 20th century. In the late 90’ and in the beginning of the new millennia, more and more celebrities arouse. Most of them were singers and actors who were given public attention not just because their albums and movies were so good, but also, because of the great media campaigns they were able to build. From Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Michael Jordan, to Pamela Anderson, Arnold Scherzinger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bill Clinton, everyone is included.

Nowadays, even politicians, sports people, and reality TV stars get so much attention that it’s hard not to follow-up on their daily life. Donald Trump, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kim Kardashian are more than just public figures. In one way or another, they all set examples, whether good or bad, and that’s something we’ll all be interested in adopting in our own lives.

So who is your favorite celebrity? Is it an actress, singer, politician or an athlete? Can you make them be even more popular than before? The answer is yes. You can.

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