Nourish your network

Hey guys,

Welcome to our first Tip meant for the brokers on Famebroker. If you are or want to become one of our brokers do stay here and read what follows. By the time you are done reading this, I promise, you will learn something new and who knows, we might even inspire you to take the next step in your position as a broker on our platform.

As you may already know, Famebroker is the only place in the online world where you can buy stocks based on the popularity of all the celebrity and non-celebrity people around the world. I will stick to three points which I believe successful brokers need to follow.

Meet people

Multiracial group of five friends having a coffee together

First of all, brokers need to go out. Out in the neighborhood, out in the city, out in the online world, and simply spread the word about Famebroker. As a broker, you need to like hanging out with people and you need to enjoy talking and listening to them. Being part of the physical and online society is maybe the most important thing a broker needs to be at in order to be among the best ones on the platform. Nourish your network, meaning, spend some quality time with people, don’t just say hi. You sure must be hearing a lot lately that your network equals your net worth. But what you should really know is that the quality of your network will influence your net worth. This means that the connection you have with people and your networking, in general, should have and be of a great value to you and to your prospects.

Study what your prospects want to invest on

Smiling high school students communicating outdoor

Once you have a flourishing network you need to start analyzing your prospects. How do you do that? You have to talk to them but even more important you have to know and learn how to listen to them. Hear what they are saying. There will be people in your network who won’t be as talkative as you are, but if you are a good listener it’d be so much easier for them to tell you what they want. Furthermore, if you ask the right questions, specific questions, you will get a great insight of how your friends and clients think. If you know that someone got a promotion, that someone is probably going to be in the mood of investing on celebrities’ stocks. However, if the car of your cousin’s best friend has broken down, it would be very unlikely for that person to set aside money for investing at the moment.

Always be helpful and available

happy young-man help sign

Being a good broker doesn’t only take to have a big network. It is way more than that. Brokers need to support and help the traders. By support and help, I mean giving tips about who to trade on, informing them about stocks value statistics in the last month or two, advising them on pros and cons regarding stocks they are interested in, etc. Being there for your clients is already getting 50% of the job done. People appreciate it when they are being heard and they will always remember that you were the one who was there when they needed someone to talk to.

To sum up, nourish your network by being there, by being present with your body and mind. If you do this, success is inevitable.


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