Popularity – How did Jenny do it?

Finally! – said Jenny to herself. The wind was blowing outside and it was freezing cold but nothing mattered because she finally had the new iPhone 7 in her hands. All she could think about was the best photos and the new selfies she would make. She has just turned 16 and the new phone was a present from her parents. After discovering the social media miracle everybody was talking about, called Instagram, spending the time on building her profile has become the most interesting part of the day (and night). In time she thought the better the selfies she makes the more followers she would get. And everything was going great. People started recognizing her on the street. Girls would ask her about the fashion she brought in her photos and boys would simply look at her waving hair and long legs. It felt so amazing that she was noticed by so many peers that would never before laid eyes on her. It was then when she realized that the more Instagram followers she has the more popular she would get. All these followers were actually people who most of them Jenny has been seeing at school while the others were people from across the globe she has never even met. They made her popularity grow and she owed them everything. It was the sweet life at 16…

As you may assume, Jenny grew up to be a famous Instagram fashionista. By the time she turned 19 she had earned her first cheque by advertising sports outwear on various online platforms. At 23 Jenny was walking the world’s most famous runways. With the help from a team of experts, she has become a celebrity.

What do you want?

So where does her story leaves us to be? We are the people behind the screen reading about celebrities’ lifestyle. Some of us want the exact same thing Jenny has now – fame, but others only want to feel what it’s like to be that wealthy… What if I were to tell you that you have now the chance to keep track of your idols and earn by doing so? What if you can become famous and wealthy in a very simple way?

Popularity equals money

Let me tell you about a company named Famebroker. They specialize in trading on the popularity of the celebrities in the world and now thanks to them, everyone can do it. By buying shares based on your favorite artists you have the opportunity to earn some quite decent amount of money. They also make it possible to bet on your own popularity and involve your friends to buy shares on it, by following your everyday lifestyle. This is what Jenny did.


Your stocks may go up or down but it doesn’t depend solely on what the stars are doing or how they are behaving. It also depends on how good you are at following their lives. Think of it as a quiz. If you have heard the rumors that F.C. Inter Milan will be selling Mauro Icardi very soon, you have to know the details of the transfer. The money he will be sold for, the new team and his new teammates, the country he will have to move at, whether the environment will suit him, his new weekly salary, etc… You have to do the whole background check and then decide whether it is wise to bet on him or not.

Never get bored

Being popular nowadays might be the most exciting thing that would ever happen to you, but being the person in the backstage, who would be going home with all the cash and all the rewards, is something beyond exciting – it’s jubilant.

Develop your analytical skills and be smart by earning on people’s popularity or become popular and enjoy it both ways. Life will never be boring again and who knows… Selena and Justin might be getting back together again!? – Fingers crossed…


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