Build your Leads List

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our weekly Tip of the week column. Today our tip will be dedicated to the Brokers once again. Since they represent the bridge between the traders and the company we must point out how very important they are. We are here to keep them on a good path by providing them with all the necessary materials and the best advice.

As the title says Build your Leads List. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about.

There are 3 steps to creating a Leads List:

  1. Define your target group by making a list of potential prospects
  2. Target separate geographic areas by making a different list containing various criteria depending on the geographic position of your prospects
  3. Organize your prospect list in CRM

So when I say define your target group, first you need to know your specialty as a broker. All brokers are divided by category and region. So for example If you are from Spain and you specialize in sports then you would know that your target group are people who love all sorts of sports. People who play and watch sports. People who visit the betting houses and even people who hate sport but still talk about it. All these people should be on your list.

Business team meeting analysis financial chart together at cafe.

The next thing to do is to divide your country in a few geographic area and do some analysis. People who live in the North of your country might not be into sports as the people who live in the South. It all depends on what people do for living in certain geographical areas. If you live in the area of New York and Boston you would probably know that people go crazy on sports since those are the home cities of the professional baseball teams, The Yankees and The Red Sox. Therefore, it’s very likely that people here will always be interested to hear more about your category (sports) of trading stocks. And that’s exactly what makes them be your potential prospects.

Young business woman uses laptop in cafe

Once you define your target group and make a geographically separated criteria list of your prospects, the final step is to organize your leads in a good CRM system. As your network spreads, you will find it more difficult to manage and remember every single person. Therefore, a CRM system is an excellent tool to use when you have a lot of leads and need help organizing them by making your list better looking, easy to navigate and legible. Among some of the best CRM systems that I personally like very much since they are very user-friendly are Freshdesk, Team Support, Contactually, Wise Agent, and of course maybe the best one out there, Salesforce.

That was all folks! Thanks and see ya next week!

The Famebroker Team


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