Why are you not a celebrity (yet)?

‘Bloody hell! I’m in Hollywood!’

This is all Steven could think of while walking on Hollywood’s walk of fame. Coming from a middle-class family from New York he has worked up his way to this moment. Visiting this city has been his greatest wish and the only reason why he started saving money when he was 14. Now at 22, he’s finally made his wish come true. But at that moment, while seeing the stars on the boulevard, another wish was born. He wanted exactly that – to have his own star on the pavement. But more importantly, he wanted what he thought that star represents – popularity.

It’s amazing how wishes and dreams are born. But it’s even more amazing how they come true (or don’t).

Steven is a very hard-working and good-looking guy who has surprisingly never been the most popular one in high school or in the circle of his closest friends. There was always someone more interesting, more handsome, or more intelligent than him which made him feel like he was being left behind. Just for a day, he wanted to be the person who people would recognize on the streets, greet him with pleasant faces, and maybe get some free drinks in the bar… Right after graduating he enrolled into the University School of Theatre in Boston pursuing a career in acting. Eventually, he went to California and visited Hollywood. In time, struggling with auditions has become his daily life…

One day, while browsing the internet, he came across a website that offers people the chance to become popular in their circle of closest friends. Intrigued by this he went on reading what the people behind this project can do for him and he’s decided to get the dices rolling.

Steven thought to himself – maybe it’s time for me to start thinking small. Maybe I first need to finish what I started in high school but never really went through with it, i.e. become popular on high-school level or just to the point where my entourage would want to follow me around and maybe then continue my path toward the big screen??


How would he do this? 

Famebroker had the answer. The website represents a stock exchange platform where people can buy and sell stocks based on the popularity of certain people – celebrity or non-celebrity who are yet to become one, such as Steven. The more Steven is active in the social media and does things in his everyday life that would make others follow him, the more his stocks would rise. Every time his stocks rise he would become more and more popular. At first, he’d be popular among his friends and they would be even able to trade with his stocks. Depending on everything he does throughout the day and night his popularity can grow or decline. If Steven does bungee jumping and records himself do it (and maybe stream the video live on social media platforms) people would go crazy and as it follows, he’d have more views and likes. All that will contribute to his popularity growth making the value of his stocks grow, thus making him more popular than ever.

This is similar to spreading a business network. Your actions can make you so much popular while Famebroker makes you and the whole world earn bitfames from that popularity.

Do not hesitate. Your popularity awaits you. Find out more on www.famebroker.com and register today. Whether it’s for earning extra bitfames and using the benefits they bring or just for having fun, we have exactly what you need to spend part of your precious time doing a good job.


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