The party of the Month! Famebroker and Smash Events

That’s it, guys! Smash Events powered by Famebroker have organized the party of the month last week on 26 June in Brussels and this is how we did it…



Held in the amazing club of Bloody Louis in Brussels, Belgium, the party was a total success! The most advanced lighting and sound technology have contributed to making the place incredibly extravagant.


Of corse, the most important VIP of the night was DJ WATERMÄT whose popularity grew immensely fast in 2014 with the release of his summer hit ‘Bullit’, that was later played by many famous DJs around the world including Pete Tong and Tiësto. The single spread quickly and it topped most European Charts.


You can find his music here:

Spotify | spotify:track:0GLs2O9Mr9knbpwHZnxT2X
Official video |

Watermät & TAI – Frequency
Official video |

Watermät & MOGUAI – Portland
Official video |

As for the crowd, do you think they had fun? Take a look at the photos and see for yourselves!!!



Don’t forget to tune in for the next post right here. A hockey tournament was on so we’ll let you know how did that go.


The Famebroker Team


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