What does it take to become a Broker on Famebroker?

 ‘Brokers? What?’ The first thing that comes to my mind is ‘oh how boring that must be’. But think again!

Recently a new stock exchange market has come out on the surface and it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. If you know and understand how the stock exchange market works you’d be amazed to find out what this one does.

What’s it about?

Famebroker is a stock exchange market where instead of the boring stocks based on statistics, you will find stocks based on celebrities. The more your favorite celebrity is popular the bigger the value of his/her stocks will be. As all the stock platforms, Famebroker has a network of traders and brokers. The traders are the ones that buy and sell stocks. Everyone can become a trader – even you.  The brokers on the other side, are defined as the people who offer the stocks to the traders and work for both the company and the traders. They provide their clients with the latest information about stocks, give them tips, and advice about how to trade and who to trade on. Therefore, we can say that they are a sort of ‘sales agents’. The brokers develop and maintain interpersonal relationships with clients while at the same time acquire them certain privileges. Their job entails a unique ability to persuade, deliver, and sell a stock for the customers to buy. They are recognizable by their unparalleled lifestyle cherished by numerous individuals (if you’ve seen ‘The Wool of the Wall Street’ you’ll know what am I talking about 😉

What’s the key?

Now that I’ve explained what a broker is and what Famebroker represents, can you guess what does it take for one to become a broker on Famebroker.com?

To be part of the team you really need to know how the company operates, its spirit, and the meaning behind their motto. Famebroker is all about the glitter and luxury, literary said. When do you think of glitter what is the first thought coming to your mind? Me, I imagine my old school gym that back in those days we decided to turn it into a dancing ballroom for the prom night, covered with glitter all over the floor and sparkling décor on the walls. It was fabulous. I felt fabulous that night. Furthermore, I felt popular.

Today I can link that feeling with Famebroker. How and why? You see, Famebroker is a place where being and becoming popular is not just a high school experience. It’s more than just having the feeling of being well-liked. It is the place where everyone is given the chance to prove how much their lifestyle and decision making is worthy to follow. It’s a challenge no one can resist and a mind gaming no one can escape. You can buy celebrities stocks or introduce your own stock and become even more popular.


Getting to know the company’s spirit, and their motto ‘Do or Die’, is something brokers really need to do. ‘Do or die’…exactly what you are thinking! They are pretty hardcore when it comes to getting the job done. However, they do insist on including tons of fun while doing it. So yes, one of the things you need to possess to enter this elite of brokers is to know how to have fun. And I don’t just mean playing cards or telling inside jokes. These guys are really into seeking an innovative and enjoying method of working that doesn’t necessarily includes typical social games. If you wonder, a four-year bachelor’s degree is not required. Only the desire to aim high and score higher. Trying to surpass everybody’s expectations and deliver impeccable customer service by introducing Famebroker to the new traders and earn them some money by following the latest celebrity news and advising their traders who and why to trade on a certain VIP, is the ideal job description for the brokers.

What else is important?

Getting to know the traders is also very crucial in the whole process. If you become one of their brokers, a personal relationship with all your clients is a must. Knowing their weaknesses and strengths will give you a way into their mind, what they are thinking and how they are feeling. It’d be much easier for you to recognize what mood they are in and whether they want to play the game or not. So wherever their mind wanders off you need to know how to get them back in the game. A good broker is always there for his clients in good and bad times.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is to point out the fact that what really takes to become a broker in the world of Famebroker is to possess a desire to constantly be surrounded by people. Friends, cousins, neighbors, your doctors, your friends’ friends, your cousins’ friends, your parents and your grandparents’ friends and absolutely everyone you haven’t met yet whether that’d be in the online community or the people in your city.

The final thing I’d like to mention is the meaning of luxury in this company. Brokers, being part of the Famebroker platform, will have the opportunity to travel the world in high-class style and use all the benefits the firm has to offer. Maybe you won’t be a celebrity but you will certainly feel glamorous. Every day, you will see and feel the bling bling.

Let me summarize it. A Fame Broker is the one who all he wants in life, is everything.


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