Confessions of a game addict: Beating the market with Famebroker

Back in 1994, one of my favorite video games of all time was released, Need for Speed. I remember the first time I saw my brothers playing it. It seemed really interesting for sure, but I didn’t get why everyone was so addictive to it, till I took the console in my hands and started playing. It felt like entering another world where homework and school would disappear. It was just us and the speed. My siblings and I went nuts about it! That summer my childhood changed forever. Somehow in time, I realized that the adrenaline I experienced then is something I’d like to keep and be repeated every day ‘till the rest of my life.

In the last 20 years, we’ve witnessed a great number of thrilling games surfacing worldwide. More or less, the ones I’ve always liked have always offered the one thing I want the most out of a game – having tons of fun. Somewhere in the middle of my college studies, I’ve taken an interest in playing a different type of games, the ones that offer you a great set of logical and analytical skills. Games you can learn something from, but have fun at the same time. It was hard finding such games since most of them were too much fun, no learning or too much learning and boring. It was then when I discovered Famebroker and once again, my life changed.


The simple concept

At first, I wasn’t so sure about the idea of Famebroker since I had never before heard of anything like it. Trading stocks based on celebrity’s popularity… Once I registered and opened an account, it was game on! It was f*cking amazing! Sell and buy stocks all the time and watching my small amount of bitfames turn into an amount ending with more than one zero is an unbelievable feeling. Unlike the brokers on Wall Street, here I was able to buy stocks based on Kylie Jenner’s popularity (yep, she’s my person number one to follow on the social networks so I know pretty much everything about her.) The stocks’ bitfame price goes up or down depending on how much people trade with them and of course, people trade with certain celebrities stocks if they believe those celebrities are or will become very popular in the near future. There is no math, no equations, only celebrity news and your knowledge about them. The best of all is that you can trade on whatever public person and famous business companies in the world.

The effect

So how come a game addict like myself finds Famebroker to be the ultimate addictive pleasure? I mean, it’s a stock exchange market where the stocks are not company’s stocks but celebrities’ and famous brands’ stocks, so you probably think I could simply become a broker on Wall Street and feel as excited as I do when playing on the Famebroker market. Well, there is a difference.

You see, feeling excited on Wall Street usually leads to not doing anything else in your life. You get wrapped up in this bubble where buying and selling stocks brings you money or robs you out of it. You can’t travel the world, you can’t take the week off. In a certain way, Wall Street Stock Exchange Market limits you and your skills.

Unlike the world of the Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of the Wall Street, my world in Famebroker is actually very very simple. I became a trader on my own and only I decide how to spend my bitfames and whose stocks to buy and when. You see, every time I click on the buy and sell buttons I get those goosebumps because I know the adventure I’m getting into is not something to be easily predicted. I never know where I’m gonna end up because I always do my best to beat the market. The real blood rush comes along when the IPO is released and everyone tries to take a bite from the low priced newbie stocks. It’s really like waiting for the discounted designer shops to open their gates at 10 am. Once you buy and then sell and then buy again, generating a good income of bitfames is inevitable. Right now, my plan is to stick to earning bitfames and use them in the near future once Famebroker reveals where and how we can spend it.


There is not a lot to consider and analyze. You just need to know who are you spending your bitfames on and make sure their popularity equals you winning the game and beating the market. For all of you gamers out there, make sure you play the right game, the right way.



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