The new concept of having fun on the market

Celebrities. Those are the people we see every single day. Seriously. You might be at the opposite side of the world but as soon as you open your social media profile – there they are. You see them. And it’s not just that. You read them, you think about them and you can almost smell them.
What we need to know about celebrities is actually things that aren’t that hard to find. We google, use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so much more online platforms. All of these, provide us with an incredibly large amount of gossips, and news related to the world wide celebrities. Every piece about their on screen and off screen life is out there.
We don’t even need to search and most of the times we don’t even reach out to check who Jennifer Lopez’s new boyfriend is. But it’s there. You simply can’t miss it. You scroll and scroll down and suddenly the title says everything: ‘Tom Hanks is voting for the Democrats’. I mean, who cares who Tom Hanks is voting for? I know I don’t. But it seems like these celebrity updates can’t pass us by. As a matter of fact, they are handed to us on a silver tray and it’s getting very hard for us ‘mortals’ to avoid it.

Cople using a smartphone, sitting in the park

Turned on by celebrities?
However, there are a lot of people out there who actually love reading and going through celebrities’ gossips and their personal life details. They are simply addicted to the everyday activities of their favorite idols. Who wore what, who dated who, who has the best-looking hair, legs, six pack… When big changes take place in famous peoples’ lives (such as marriage, divorce, giving birth, coming out of the closet) a lot of people who sit behind the screen and read about it get turned on by these big flash developments. It’s a game changer for everyone.

Long story short…
Can you think of a way of using all these celebrities flash news for your own financial benefit? We did. And we named it Famebroker. Our platform is the first of its kind. Just like a broker’s firm, you can trade with stocks of your favorite celebrities. Imagine Britney Spears is pregnant again and she’s publishing a new album and performing on stage at the same time. Her popularity will grow more and more and so will your stocks. The best thing is the fact that you don’t even have to put a lot of effort in order to decide which star to trade on. This kind of news spread with the speed of light and of course, you’d want to trade on Britney. I know I would.


If you are tired of following and reading about celebrities and the amazing things they do every day, go to
You have the chance to control how popular the Superstars can get or how quick their fall would be. Unlike the many boring statistics in the financial journals, Famebroker offers the opportunity to trade on something you understand and can easily be navigated. But even more important, it offers you a whole lot of fun. There is not a lot of people who can actually say that they have fun while getting fancy benefits from a certain platform. And this is exactly what you get on Famebroker. Fun that comes along with certain privileges is never a bad idea. Give it a go today and see where it gets you.
Do it for yourself… well, and for your pocket too.


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