Talk to your broker

Hi, fame followers! Today’s Tip of the Week is meant for the traders. As the title says, I’ll be talking today about the relationship you share and have with your Famebrokers, and how to make the most out of it. I will stick to 3 main points that I believe are important for every trader to know and implement when it comes to maintaining their interaction with their broker.
As you’ve probably figured it ‘till now, in order to start trading on Famebroker you need to choose a broker upon registration. I’m sure you’ve all chosen wisely since all of our brokers are specifically selected individuals who understand and love their job. The next thing you probably did was talk to your broker. He probably gave you advice and tips on where to begin and what to trade on. And that’s great! But, what happened next? You started trading and earning bitfames. Maybe losing a little from time to time, but no serious stuff. And then what happened? Did you inform your broker about your winning and losing? Did you try to reach him out in any particular way?
Our statistics show that 35 % of the traders on Famebroker get in touch with their brokers only once. At the very beginning. This tip will aim to change that. Hopefully, after reading this you’ll feel inspired to chat more with your broker and strengthen your relationship.
1. You were on vacation and you’ve missed a lot of the latest info on (none)celebrities. Worry not, your broker is here!

frustrated tourist over white background
That’s right! Whenever you have busy days at work, at home, or you’ve simply have taken the time to relax and go on holidays, your broker will keep you up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the world of your precious popularity stocks. As soon as you need it, your broker will provide you with the latest news about whose popularity grows or fades away in order to make sure that you don’t buy the wrong stocks. So drink as much as you want to and have a ball wherever you are. Your FAME broker gots you covered!
2. You’ve just started trading and after a while, you don’t know if your strategy works for the better or for worse. Your broker is here to clear your all your doubts!

pensive man in the office
So let’s say you’ve just registered on the platform and you’ve chosen your broker. Next, you enter your account, fill in all the fields, and go to the Trading Room where a menu of incredibly wide stock choices is listed. You start trading by buying your dear Cristiano Ronaldo stocks cause hell yeah, he’s your sports idol! Somehow after 1, 2 months of buying bitfames and using them to trade, your strategy doesn’t really bring you more bitfames. You simply use the same amount of bitfames that goes in circles. So what are you doing wrong? Let your broker help you. Of course, you know how to trade! You just need a little knowledge that your broker can provide you with. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with him as soon as you need it. Follow his advice and be on top of your game!
3. Share your trading plans and preferences with your broker

men share news, photos, video on the smartphone. A man shows a f
Once you start trading, you might be very good at it, in fact, you might even discover a new talent within. But what if you find out that you’d like to trade more on Politics instead of Showbiz? Or maybe Music and Movies instead of Sports? For whatever your trading preferences might be, you can try buying stocks from different categories but always make sure you share your plan with your broker. Why? Because he is the only one who will be honest to tell you whether you are on a good path or not. Sometimes when we try a little bit of everything we might lose focus on the most useful and beneficial thing we have. But hey! If a genius is hiding in you, be sure you’ll be able to do it all!

Good luck to all!


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