What YOU need to know about Famebroker stock exchange market

Hello everyone! In today’s Tip of the Week, we are going to discuss how the process of trading on the platform works and what you, as a trader, can do to avoid mistakes and do smart moves. This tip is meant for everyone who wants to know a bit more details about the platform and get a few hints before setting off in the world of Fame trading.

So, to begin with, I’ve decided to include 3 starting moves you need to make when first registering and making an account on Famebroker, thus, leading you off to a great start and even better trading.


  1. Right after registering on www.famebroker.com you’ll enter the system where you’ll see a few sections. The most important one is called the Trading Room. Once you get there you will see a very large list of celebrities as well as non-celebrities from all parts of the world. Right next to the image of their little face, their name and surname appear, as well as the categories they belong to (fashion, business, politics, etc). Next, you’ll see their code in our system and their current market price expressed in Bitfames. So what naturally comes next, is that you pick a celebrity and buy their stock, but don’t do that just yet. You need to take a look around and choose the most valuable celebrity on the market at the moment. Don’t go for your favorite celebrity. I get it. You LOVE Kim Kardashian! But what about her market price? Will she bring you any BF earnings if you buy her stocks? Think about this and choose wisely.

Financial charts with pen  on table

2. After buying a certain amount of stocks, you have 2 choices. Number 1, wait for your stocks value rise and then sell, or number 2, sell your stocks immediately for a higher price. You can cross over no. 2 right away since that would be an instant decision to make without thinking and it works only 1% of the time. So go with no. 1. What you need to know about the Famebroker stock exchange is that the market price changes very quickly. Celebrities and their lifestyles along with their behavior in public and their activities are the deciding key point for the growth and decrease of their stocks value and price. This means that you gotta act fast! If you believe that your celebrity stocks today’s market price won’t increase anytime soon, given the circumstances, then you should try to sell all of their stocks at once because you don’t want to lose any BF. You simply have to catch up with the rhythm of the market price fluctuation and go along with it. This is the market where you have to learn and adapt your buying & selling habits.

digital composite of laptop with hacking graphic

3. Unlike the common stocks trading, on Famebroker you won’t find that many rules or boundaries. When you buy a celebrity’s stock you then own a piece of that celebrity’s value and all you have to do is to register on the website and start trading. There is no rules, no laws but only a true gain. Do not be afraid or intimidated by the process of buying and selling stocks even if you know nothing about it. After all, the Famebroker stock exchange is based on the blockchain system where everything is visible and no possibilities of fraud or manipulation are existing. So sit back and watch the celebrities work to fill in your pocket.

Good luck!

The Famebroker Team


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