Bitfames – The new game in town

Once upon a time, there was a very modest boy who eventually grew up to be a very ambitious teenager. His name is Adam. This is the story of what made him decide to take matters into his own hands and manage his own fate and fortune.

When Adam was 6 years old he was an adorable little guy. He listened to his parents and played well with his siblings. He never really asked more than what his parents could give him, so you can say he was very humble. In time, school taught him about lots of things in life including the value of money. By the time he was 17, Adam had developed his skills in math and he knew very well how to count the dollar bills but the meaning of the notion of what money really represents was still very distant to him. Since he had never worked in his life before, maybe this was understandable. At that period he had a wish list and it wasn’t a very short one. Adam wanted to go on a Spring Break, buy the limited edition of that video game that came out last week, have the new iPhone 7, and finally, buy a new car he wouldn’t have to share with his sister. Yeah…it’s an all-star wish list, so what was the plan? Wait to finish high school, enroll into a good college, and then get a fancy job and start earning? Not really. The most logical thing to do was to find a job. And he did. For a month he worked as a clerk in the burger store. Then he tried to do some freelancing, but that failed since he had no knowledge of how to get a client. He simply didn’t have the right skills and the speed of a professional. He needed a nonformal education. Realizing this, Adam decided to find different methods of learning new skills. It was then when he met the Bitfames.

Famebroker’s platform offers every registered user trade with the bitfames. He discovered Famebroker by googling how to spend time online wisely. Learning how to trade by using the bitfames is probably the best thing Adam did. By using them, Adam was able to buy and sell stocks and test his trading skills which, he admits, were very lousy at the beginning. In time, he became better and better and he knew what stocks to buy and what to avoid. He became an expert. Every time he would start tradings with the bitfames he would beat the market. Can’t make up your mind between David Beckham or the Pope? A piece of cake decision for Adam! With the bitfames he learned when and what are the odds of the market prices going up or down and by analyzing the statistics, Adam was able to maximize the number of bitfames in his Famebroker wallet. You must be wondering why does it matter how many bitfames you have since they are only used for testing and playing? Well, there is more to bitfames than just playing with it. Depending on the country you are staying in, you can exchange i.e. buy different products and services with the bitfames. So for Adam, this was actually a win win situation. He understood the meaning of trading, picked up a few new skills he would never learn in school and he got enough bitfames to buy the iPhone 7 he wanted. Take that off the wish list!

Sand and coins in hourglass  against world map
To sum up, it’s never been a better time than now to play with the bitfames. The unknown path they will be taking you next is as exciting as the way the market game gets twisted. Don’t forget to register today on and start crossing things off from your wish list!


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