How to use the Famebroker Platform for gaming?

Hi everyone!

This week Tip of the Week is going to be for all of you out there who are or want to become part of the Famebroker Community. As you already know, Famebroker is an online platform where you can play the game of trading stocks based on the popularity of the celebrities and non-celebrities a.k.a your friends from all over the world. They all have their own IPO on Famebroker and you can buy and sell their stocks, thus deciding whose popularity value will grow or diminish.

But, not all of you know how to use the Famebroker platform for gaming. You know you don’t have to just sell and buy stocks. You can also take part in the daily, weekly and monthly challenges the platform has to offer. So we’ve come up with the three most useful tips on how and maybe why use Famebroker for gaming. Here it goes… Enjoy reading it!

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Log in daily on the platform

As you may already know, Famebroker has incorporated a Leaderboard on the platform which represents a rewarding system for all the members who accept and complete the challenges. Within the leaderboard, you will first see the scoreboard where all of your points are located. Why is it necessary to log in every day on the platform? Because of the calendar! The calendar counts each of your logins and if you miss entering your account for at least one day, the calendar will freeze. This means that you won’t be able to take part in the basic monthly challenge where members are rewarded based on their constant presence on the platform. You can’t claim your monthly reward. So login daily and keep receiving the monthly rewards. You never know what’s it gonna be!

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Accept the challenges no matter the terms

As already stated, we created the daily, weekly and monthly reward challenges. When you first start completing the challenges they may not seem so difficult to you, but in time as you gather more and more points, you’ll notice that the challenges difficulty increases and you’ll find yourself even more attracted to see what’s beyond a simple game. When accepting a challenge you’ll have to fulfill certain conditions to get the job done. Our advice to you is to do it all and go all the way! Do not be afraid to take up the challenges that follow because they include many exciting tasks. We cannot really tell you more about it since we don’t want to give you spoil alerts. Remember, it’s all about the logical way of handling the challenges which along the way will wake up and shake up your inner intellectual person.


Never miss out on the IPO challenges

After all, the way you play the game is by trading stocks. So when a new IPO comes in the store, a new challenge comes along with it. The IPO challenges are probably one of the most exciting ones since they last as long as the IPO lasts, which can be from 1 day up to 2 weeks or more. The rewards for completing an IPO challenge are much more exclusive than the rest of the rewards. Why is that so? Because when somebody’s IPO is released it means that his/her popularity value is being chopped into thousands of pieces i.e. stocks, and in order to buy these stocks you need to have Bitfames. The Bitfames are the virtual currency that serves as the medium of trading stocks on Famebroker, therefore, you need to have them in your wallet to make the purchase. This is probably the most enjoyable challenge for many of the users of Famebroker. Why? Because everybody wants a slice of the fresh new IPO and there is no challenge difficult enough to prevent the true fame-traders from getting it.

The Famebroker Team


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