Your birthday is in August? Drinks on us then!

If your birthday happens to be this month you must come to the Gardens of Val-Fayt! Le Mondain along with Famebroker have decided to offer a bottle of Luc Belaire to the birthday girls and boys born this month!


What you have to do?

Show up in your favorite outfit, bring your IDs with you and your happy birthday vibes and put in a good mood!


6 pm till 10 pm we’ll hang out in the Gardens of Le Mondian

10 pm till 3 am dance dance dance! ***LIVIO (Buddha Rouge) & SLM (Le Mondain)


More details:

Le domaine du Val Fayt 
Rue de la Croyère, 21 – Manage (BE)
Info / Réservation : +32 (0)497/63.17.94

Facebook event click here.
*Powered by FameBroker


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