Measuring popularity

There I was, sitting on my desk in front of my PC and asking myself a small question with a large answer, ‘Am I popular?’ Is this something that has ever crossed your mind or I’m the only person alive to ever think about it? What made me ask myself this question, was a website I came across. It’s called Famebroker and it’s an online social media network where by creating your profile you can start trading with stocks based on the market appreciation of people’s and businesses’ popularity.  


Today popularity is everywhere. We can see it and scroll it down in the online world. We breathe it in at school and at work. But not everyone is popular. Can you imagine how many people want to become as famous as their favorite celebrities? How many companies around the world follow, are influenced and tend to reach the success of the giants such as Google, Apple, or Facebook? Millions and millions. So in a world where every single hour new faces, new industries and new products and services are born, how do you measure which one is more or less popular than the other?

What are the standards of measuring popularity?

I’m sure that most people will tell you that one is more popular than the other depending on how much people talk about it or by the number of likes and followers. But now, there is a new answer to this question and it involves Famebroker. The site represents a platform where you can play a game. It’s pretty simple actually and all you need to do to start playing it is to register. Once you do that you will receive 100 BF for free. The bitfames are Famebroker’s virtual currency that you can use to buy and sell stocks. That’s right! You heard me well! The game is actually a stock exchange market that lets you trade stocks based on the popularity of celebrities, public persons, and even brands and different business industries. For ex. You can buy Emmanuel Macron stocks at one price, but if his popularity grows stronger, his value will grow as well, thus, making his stocks in your portfolio worth so much more which makes it easier for you to sell them and earn you some bitfames. The bitfames can later be withdrawn in the form of various products and services.

Business hand pushing a Like button on a touch screen interface

The game behind

You see, this game is actually the ultimate level of playing cause in this world everyone is popular so you can trade with anyone, even introduce your own stock and make others trade on you. Finally, popularity will get a real value. This game is the only tool out there that sets the right standards of who is more or less popular. Likes and followers and views are no longer the right method for judging someone’s popularity because people can always find the way to trick the audience into believing in their fake position. With Famebroker, cheating is impossible since no one would invest their bitfames into someone who they believe is not or will not become popular. If I buy 10 stocks of Emma Watson and spend 100 BF on her, it probably means that I believe that Miss Hermione Granger is very active in the social media nowadays and her popularity will increase in no time. Besides, trading with stocks on celebrities and famous brands is actually very exciting and fun and sometimes it can be the only way to decide whether you should buy the Versace or the Gucci dress, depending on who’s more popular at the moment according to their popularity stock market price.

Smiling woman choosing between two garments in shop

If you want to play a game where you can’t predict anything, where the thought of trading gives you the shivers, and the elements of suspense are unavoidable, then join Famebroker. You’ll be doing a lot more than sitting on your desk and staring at the screen. You’ll be witnessing the birth of a new social media network.


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