New Account

 How do I register?

o The registration is easy fast, and free. There are two ways to open a new account:

3.1 If you come to the website by using the referral link a broker has sent you, please click on it. It will take you to a new registration form that you will need to fill in. By registering through the referral link, you’ve already chosen your broker and you cannot change him/her.

3.2 The second way to register is to go to and click on Members on the right top corner of the website. Then click on New account, choose a broker and fill in the form with your: Username, Country, Birth date, Email address, and Password. The phone number field is optional. After you have filled in the necessary information click the Register button.

In both cases, in order to confirm your registration, we will send an activation link to your e-mail address. To activate your account just click on the link and the link will take you to your new Famebroker account.

*Please note that the brokers are specialized by categories and regions. They provide you with tips and advice about how and who to trade on. Of course, whichever broker you choose, you can still trade in any category and region. You can also apply to become a broker if you believe you have the skills. Choose wisely!


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