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How to get closer to your celebrity crush?

Back in the beginning of the ‘90, I was in love. But not with the cute guy sitting next to me during the history classes, but with someone else. Someone so very unreachable. A celebrity. Everyone could see him on TV and listen to his music. Both my friends and I were crazy about him but maybe my imagination was the wildest one since all I wanted to do back then was stay at home and dream of meeting him by accident on the street and become his inspiration for a new song. Yeah well, that feeling lasted for a few months. I have to say from today’s point of view, I truly loved my celeb guy. For some time he was the only thing occupying my mind so I had lots and lots of time to consider the facts. And what were the facts? That I’m not getting to meet him that easily or in the near future.
Now at the age of nearly 40, there is finally someone who can get you close enough to the celebrity stars and get their attention fixed on you. They are Famebroker.

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The gain
Famebroker is a social media tool that lets you trade stocks based on the popularity of your favorite celebrities all over the world. And when I say celebrities your crush is included as well. So let’s imagine the following situation. The newest pop singer, probably another Justin Bieber, is someone who everyone loves. His face is everywhere and his movies and songs top all the charts around the world. Everyone loves him. You love him. Like crazy. But what to do with that? Yes, you can write him on his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles but will he read what you wrote? Thousands and thousands of people write him every single day so the odds here are not in your favor. Oh, I know! You’ll go to one of his concerts! He’s on tour so yeah why not?! There is one thing stopping you though. Your mom. Yes, I totally get. In my case, it was my dad who wouldn’t let me and my sister go out that late at night. But those were different times. Okay so maybe you have modern parents, so yay! They’ll let you go. You go to the concert and have fun, and you get to see your crush from very far away because the tickets in the first row were so expensive, right?! And you come back home at midnight… Apart from your teenage memories what else did you get out of that night? Nothing much…

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What you can do to change this and have something beneficial from adoring and idolizing someone so much is to open an account on Famebroker and give this social media platform a chance to see what it has to offer. Once you register on Famebroker you’ll be able to enter the Trading Room section where all celebrities from around the world will be listed along with their stocks value. You scroll and scroll down and voila! Your celeb crush is also on the list and his stocks rank quite high. You want to buy some of his stocks. To do that you first need to acquire some bitfames. The Bitfames are the virtual trading currency that the trades use to buy and sell stocks. You can easily get bitfames in your Wallet section on the platform. Once your wallet is fueled up with BF you can then go onto purchasing popularity stocks. In time, after you buy and sell stocks you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll learn the technical aspects and pick up a few logical skills on the way. But how is this getting you closer to your celebrity crush? 

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Today, celebrities and their popularity are being measured by their number of likes and followers on their social media profiles. You do a lot of things for them. You buy their music and watch their movies and you hit likes and views all the time. In return, you really don’t get anything valuable. Now, Famebroker will put a value to celebrities and their popularity. By trading their stocks you can determine how popular celebrities can become. You decide their popularity value and height level. Can you just imagine? Victoria Beckham popularity drops and she’s worried. Why? Because being popular is what brings her half of her weekly check and if she’s not in the newspapers or commercials or promoting her new fashion line, no salary baby. And she gets to do and have all these things thanks to her popularity. But her popularity is not really HERs to decide. It belongs to the people. People decide how popular a person should and can become. That is way Famebroker has found a way to measure that popularity. Through stock exchange based on the blockchain. It is a place where celebrities can’t cheat because others decide their fate. Whether someone is going to have his popularity up or down depends on what they are doing in their lives. How are they managing their daily activities and how active they are on their social media accounts. Is it fun to watch them do what they do? If yes, their popularity will surely grow and people will trade their stocks. Your celebrity crush will have no other way but to check his popularity value on Famebroker and hit the Refresh button all day long just to see if the numbers have dropped or got pumped up. His attention will be directed this way, on you and your decision to make him famous or not. No, you many not get physically closer to him or her, but you’ll sure get something else. The BF you’ll earn by trading stocks will get you a lot of benefits. What are these benefits? For that my dears, keep up with Famebroker to find out.
Here’s to all of your celebrity crushes and to stop them from being useless in our lives.



Get wild with Le Mondain & Famebroker!

Another Thursday is ahead of us meaning another party to crash with Le Mondain and Famebroker!


Come and join us for social madness night on 24 August Thursday at the Gardens of Le Mondain. This time we have arranged for HATHOR – Shabba Club-Bloody Louis to play our troubles away.



The best part is the Shots round by the hour!!!




6 pm till 10 pm – The Gardens of Le Mondain

10 pm till 3 am – at Soirée Mondaine

Entrance is free

Dress code: classy and casual

For reservations:

Rue de la Croyère, 21 – Manage (BE)
Info / Réservation : +32 (0)497/63.17.94

For the Facebook event click here.


• How to contact support?

o If you want to contact support, click on the speech bubble icon on the top right of the page, then choose support, and a New chat conversation will appear. Under Question type, choose what kind of a question you want to ask (Financial question, Login/Register, or Bug report), write your question in the empty Message field, and click OK.


• I lost my password. What do I do now?

o If you have lost or forgotten your password you need to click on Password lost? in the Log-in section on famebroker.com. Then you will need to enter your e-mail address that you’ve used to register on our platform. Shortly you will receive a recovery link that will be sent to your e-mail address.
Another way to recover your password is by answering your secret question. Setting up a secret question is very important, so do not forget to do this after you first create an account. You can set up a secret question by clicking on Settings (on the left side of the page) > Security.

• What is the private key?

o Upon registration, you will receive an email that will contain your private fameshare key. It represents the location where your money is placed. You must keep this key safe. If you were to lose this key in any certain way you will not be able to trade on the platform anymore or withdraw your money. You can find your key by clicking on Settings > Keys management. Whoever has access to your private key, has access to your money as well.

• What is the public key?

o Your public key represents an account where your money is being placed after you add it to the platform. It is similar to a transaction bank number. You can give your public key to anyone who wants to put money in your account, but that doesn’t mean that people can access your money. Your public key is located at Settings> Key management.

HOW TO questions

• How can I check my exchange history?

o To see your exchange history click on Exchange Summary, on the left side of the page.

• How do I change my username and password?

o Once you register you cannot change your username. You can change your password by going to Dashboard > Settings > Security > Change password.

• How do I change my profile picture?

o You can change your profile picture by clicking on Settings > General information > under your profile picture click on Upload image > select an image from your computer > adjust the thumbnails > and click Save.

• How to chat with other users.

o If you want to chat with another user on Famebroker, all you have to do is click on the speech bubble icon on the top right side of the page, then click on the user, and a New chat conversation window will pop up. In the empty field under user write the username or the e-mail address of the person that you want to contact. Then write your message and click OK.

• How can I change my e-mail address?

o You can change your e-mail address by clicking on Settings > General information >

• How do I log out?

o You can log out by clicking on the icon at the top right corner of the page, next to your profile picture.

• How can I close my account on Famebroker?

o Your Famebroker account cannot be closed. If you don’t trade or open you account from time to time it will become inactive.


• What is a broker?

o The broker is the person that takes care of the registered users/traders. He represents both the traders and the company. He provides the traders with the latest information about stocks, gives the traders tips and advice about how to trade and who to trade on. He is also the one that ‘sells’ the Famebroker concept to the potential users. Therefore, he can also be described as a ‘salesperson’.

• Can I trade individually or I have to do it through a broker?

o You must choose a broker upon registration.

• Is there a possibility to cooperate with several brokers?

o You can only cooperate with the broker you have chosen upon registration. In case you have communication problems with your broker, you can write to support@famebroker.com and request a new broker.

• How can I become a broker?

o To become a broker you have to write us at brokers@famebroker.com and we’ll make sure someone gets in touch with you as soon as possible. Another way to become a broker is by referral from your own broker. We will then contact you and let you know the following steps.

• How do I contact my broker?

o You can send messages to your broker by going on your Dashboard and scrolling to the bottom of the page. There you will see the box where you can write a message to your broker. You can also click on the speech bubble icon at the top of the page next to Bitfames, and then click on your broker’s name.